I’ve been on and off Bumble for two years. Mostly off. Mostly because it’s been so hard to find men who are interesting on there. It’s even harder to find a guy who is interested in me. I don’t mean attracted. I mean — a guy who asks me questions, and listens. Pretty simple, but very rare. It’s been next to impossible to find someone like that through online dating apps, so I’ve mostly avoided the app life. Occasionally, I drunk swipe but refrain from sending the first message.

It’s late summer or early fall. I wake up to see…

It took me a long time to say this but I can finally say: I love the woman I am. And more importantly, I accept her.

Some of you reading this will doubt my words. I don’t blame you. In the last year you’ve heard me complain about my life. You’ve watched me drink far too much. You’ve read about my suicide ideation.

Why would someone who loves who they are do any of those things?

Loving the woman I am is not the same as being happy. Or loving my life. Loving and accepting myself means that I am…

Spoiler: Kirsten Dunst is in 4 of these movies. And Gabbi Hoffman is in 2 of them so that’s saying something!

Another spoiler: A couple of these are not technically “coming of age”, meaning that the age range of the featured characters starts at 12 and goes up to 30. Making this list, I realized that I don’t view “coming of age” as an age range. I see it more as a time where you’re figuring life out and finding yourself.

What all of these movies have in common is that, no matter what age I watched them, or what…

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7:15 am

I wake up from a bizarre dream — going to a waterpark with Lindsey Bliss, a girl I knew in middle school but haven’t seen or thought about since 2003.

Hungover from the night before, I chug 2 large glasses of water. I feed my dog, Daphne, praying that she will not ask to go outside for at least a few more hours. When the dog seems satisfied with being fed, we return to bed and fall fast asleep.

10:00 am

I wake up again. This time it sticks. Immediately, I look at my phone. First, I play…

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There is no doubt that dating is awkward. But there are a few ways to minimize the awkwardness, get to know your date, and help you both have a great time.

One of those ways is to ask the right questions. Asking your date the right questions can open up your discussion and lead the two of you to get in lost in conversation, which is always a win on a first date.

A few things before we dive in. Questions on a first date are not interview questions. Yes, they are helpful tools to get to know the person…

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The COVID-19 Quarantine has been tough on everyone — single people living alone, parents homeschooling their kids while also working from home, and of course, couples.

Fighting is an evil inevitable in any relationship but a lot of couples are quarreling more than usual. And of course, they are! They are unable to get a moment away from their partners. In normal life, you’re away from our partners for most of the day. Between work, errands, social hangs, and other life obligations, you can be lucky enough to see your partner 2–3 hours before you pass out.

But alas, we…

When you’re single, meeting new people is hard. And while dating apps can help, they can also suck, HARD.

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There is no shortage of weirdos on the apps. Thankfully, there are a few red flags to look out for in a guy’s dating app profile to spot those weirdoes. Here are six of them.


As online dating profiles go, there is a fine line between sarcasm and showing your humor. Personally, my own profile has been on the wrong side a few times. It’s hard to be funny in a little blurb and sarcasm is a tool that makes it a lot easier.

Use your best judgment. If the sarcasm is hitting you over the head, doesn’t make you…

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A few days before Denver went on total lockdown, I met someone, a guy, who I really liked. We met at the bar and hit it off, and on the second night of knowing each other, we slept together. But never exchanged phone numbers. When I got the news that we’d all be shelter-in-place, I knew that it would be months before I saw him again. We wouldn’t be running into each other anytime soon.

Nervous that our spark would extinguish by the time, I grew anxious. I found myself missing him — a man I had met only once…

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I’m not usually one for reality TV. It gives me too much anxiety. I can proudly and condescendingly say that I’ve never seen an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. But last year I was living with my cousin Erin and she introduced me to the show “Married at First Sight”. I was blown away by the contestants’ stupidity to put their blind trust into some “experts” and marry someone they’ve never met before. It was the first time I understood what draws people into reality TV — it’s a train wreck you can’t look away from.

Erin and…

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I asked a guy who ghosted me why. Here’s what happened.

In the fall of 2018, I met a wonderful guy whom I dated for a few wonderful months before he ghosted me. I wrote about it for Medium, which made several hundreds of dollars and a Top-Rated Writer for the Love category.

Because of the financial gains and small but important notoriety, I’ve been eternally grateful for him and this experience ever since. I’ve also been heartbroken, more than anything I’ve been confused.

I never understood where it went wrong. Unlike with most guys, there were never any signs…

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